Brian Cary

Hi, my name is Brian. I live in San Francisco, California, and work as a full-stack software engineer. I enjoy playing musical instruments like guitar, bass, and drums, going on outdoor adventures such as running, camping, hiking, and swimming, and doing photography and other visual work.

I was born in New York City and grew up in North Carolina. I started coding web sites back in 1999 and started doing photography as a way to create content for my web designs. I played soccer, ran track, and wrestled in high school. In college I played intramural ultimate frisbee. I have a degree in Software & Information Systems from UNC Charlotte.

I have coded professionally using the following languages and technologies: Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, mongoDB, Javascript, C#, ActionScript, HTML, CSS, and some more.


Here are a few of my most recent adventures:

Running the Marin Headlands

In both May and June 2017, I ran about 17 miles from San Francisco and through the Marin Headlands. I have ran further before, but I am on a new build-up phase for long distance running. Goal: run a trail ultramarathon.


In June 2017, I went on a solo trip to explore the state of Colorado. I visited the Denver area, Boulder, Vail, Glenwood Springs, and Winter Park.


In November 2016, I went to vacation in Hawaii for the first time. I went to Oahu and went hiking, swimming, skateboarded, went to a cookout, and ate delicious food.


In September 2016, I went to the northernmost point in Alaska that you can travel to by highway. A couple of friends and I drove the Dalton Highway, became mesmorized by the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), hung out in Fairbanks, and went camping in Denali National Park.


In September 2009, I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live abroad for about 7 months. I spent most of my time coding a project that became a funded startup, but also traveled to Salta and Pinamar, met locals, practiced the Spanish language, and partied until dawn a couple of times.



Here are some ways you can contact me: